Remember IHC in your Will

True success is when the son of Adam strives to build his Hereafter.  The Messenger of Allah, peace and prayers be upon him, said,  "When the son of Adam dies all his good deeds come to an end except three: Saddaqah Jariyah (continuous charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a righteous son that supplicates (makes Dua'a) for him (for the deceased)."

As we strive to build our worldly life, we should strive to even more to work for our Hereafterl; which is the everlasting life.  After fulfilling the mandatory actions of the religion, we must ensure that we perform actions that will, by the permission of Allah, keep our records of good deeds open, increase our wealth, remove hardships and afflictions, and ease our affairs in this world and the Next.  

Saddaqah/Charity! Allah made it a way to accomplish what is mentioned above and even more.  

The IHC is always conducting classes and lectures to teach people the authentic knowledge from Islam at no charge.  Assisting the community in many various ways and lending hands in supporting their needs. 

Adding the IHC to your Will, will insha'Allah ensure that your records of Saddaqah Jariyah and your records of spreading beneficial knowledge remain open.  It will insha'Allah assist in raising generations aware of their Deen, their values, and understand the importance of being a positive role in this world.

For your convenience, below is a link to the Islamic Will, to generally assist you in writing your will.

As always, insha'Allah we are one phone call, or email away, if help shall be gained.