Zakah on Loans / Investments / Funds / Shares etc.

Loans Receivable from Friends and Relatives

Investment in Govt Bonds

Provident Fund Contribution to date

Insurance Premiums including bonus up to date

Value of Shares (stocks) including Dividends. Take their market value on the date of calculation

Government Security Deposits, ADRs, etc

Investment in Private Chits, Funds, etc

Other Sources of Wealth

Zakah on Landed Property

Other Sources of Wealth

Zakah on Business

Value of Saleable Stock

Value of Damaged / Dead Stock

Amount Receivable from Credit Sales

LESS: Amount Payable to Suppliers (Credit taken from suppliers for stocking goods)

LESS: Bad Debts


Zakah on Share in Partnership Firms

Capital Balance as per Last balance Sheet

Loans Advanced by you to the Firm as of Date

LESS: Withdrawals made by you during the current Year.

Accumulated Profit from the date of Balance Sheet to this Date (Estimate the Profit Value as it is difficult to get exact figures in the middle of Accounting Year)

Net Total Worth Calculated

Total Estimated Wealth from Investments / Business / Landed Property